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What’s really interesting to me as a fan of the Nolan Batman trilogy is his choice of villains. There are so many to choose from, yet, in the final two films, he chooses the Joker and Bane. I dunno if anyone has pointed this out before, though I’m sure someone has, but it is intriguing that he picked them. These two movies are based on entirely different premises of the villain; although both the Joker and Bane are not interested in money or possessions, Bane wants to destroy Gotham, and doesn’t care who the Batman is nor does he try to fool anyone about what he wants. The Joker on the other hand is sly and mischievous, trying to prove to the thugs and police officers that he is not ‘insane’. His main plan is wanting the Batman to be unmasked and to corrupt the uncorruptible in Batman’s name. 

But what really strikes me in these films, what really set them apart, is one simple thing: their mouth. Bane and the Joker’s most terrifying attribute has to do with their mouth. Everything revolves around them - “Wanna know how I got these scars?” and the mask is Bane’s entire life source. Both shrouded in mystery. The audience never truly knows how either of these men received the injuries. Joker is constantly pointing it out, making people uncomfortable about it, but in a sense he is proud. Bane acknowledges it, even discusses it briefly, but it’s much different than the way the Joker presents his scars.All of his expression is based entirely on his eyes and we never once see his actual mouth, very unlike the Joker, who was constantly licking and being expressive with his lips (maybe that’s why Bane seemed scarier, less relatable? Just thinking out loud..). It’s just another parallel in the Nolan-Batman universe but it is definitely worth thinking about.

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    Bane doesn’t care who batman is because he already knows who he is.
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